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Transitioning Your Pet

You have decided to make the switch to raw, now what should you expect? When switching dog’s to raw you need to be advised of a few things, one of the biggest factors here is the age of your dog. The older your dog is and the longer they have been fed a kibble diet the more likely it may be that they experience what we call “getting un-sick”. With puppies or younger dogs you still may see some but the chances are less likely.

Some of the ways you may see your dog start to get un-sick are as follows;

Extra shedding: this is not uncommon as they are getting rid of all the junk that formed in their system over the years of eating kibble. Over time you will notice your dog’s coat becomes very soft and shiny. You may not even have noticed the coarseness or dullness of your dog’s hair until you have had them on raw for a bit and can feel the difference.

Runny eyes and nose: If you start to notice your dog’s eyes and nose are runny or more runny than usual just wait it out, it’s also one of the ways in which your dog is getting better. This most likely will not last long.

Change in stool: This is a tricky one because your dog’s stool will change once on raw and become smaller, harder and they will go less. In the transition phase though there is a chance you could see some runny stools or a film around their stools. This is also a cleansing function. This should also straighten itself out in a few days. If you notice anything more severe or if your dog is vomiting contact your vet.

Decrease in water consumption: This is because there is so much moisture in raw food. Your dog will not be drinking as much anymore due to this factor.

These are some of the more common things you could see when switching your dog from kibble to raw but if you notice anything unusual feel free to ask us or contact your vet. Please keep in mind that many vets do not support raw feeding. You can always do some research in your area for one that does or arm yourself with the supporting information on raw feeding to talk to your vet about it. We are always here to help you and you can reach out for support.



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