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Hello and welcome to Pack Leader Pet Food! We are a husband and wife team who have a huge love of dogs. We started this company with our previous Cane Corso's, Vita and Cyrus, they were our reason for creating this company. Here is our story of how we got there. 

We both grew up with dogs and were kibble feeders. We didn’t know anything about raw feeding so when we got Vita we of course got the most expensive, grain free food we could find. We wanted “the best” for our little puppy. Vita was constantly having diarrhea, vomiting and had horrible skin allergies. We made countless trips to the vet and tried new foods every few weeks. We eventually got to a point where she had less diarrhea and her skin allergies could be controlled with medicated washes and trips to the vet every so often for injections to calm her outbreaks. We accepted this because we figured this was the best for her and she just had chronic allergies. Well, enter Cyrus. Cyrus was a show dog and a little skinny. We were educated on raw feeding during this time to help bulk him up and shine up his coat. We started to do research on raw feeding and saw all of the amazing benefits from it. 


We were skeptical at first because we figured raw meat comes with lots of bacteria, won’t they get sick? The answer was no, they will get healthy!

We switched both of our dogs at this point to a raw diet and in less than 2 months Vita had lost weight, her allergies cleared up (she does still suffer from runny eyes seasonally but no more pimples all over her chin) and she was playing like a puppy! We could not have been happier and neither could Vita.

We were sold on raw but it was not easy to get without spending a small fortune. We were driving hours to find affordable blends to feed our dogs because the in store brands and mail order were way above our budget. We did countless research and realized there was not a local affordable distributor of raw.

In 2014 we formed Pack Leader Pet Food, LLC and are now bringing quality products at a discounted price to the New York area.

We are very knowledgeable in raw feeding and are constantly learning and evolving our products as time goes on. We would love for you to trust us in starting your raw journey.

Healthy Wishes,

The Garber Pack

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