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Do you want to buy Pack Leader but don’t see anything in your area? If you do not see your location listed on here and want to talk to us about becoming a distributor please contact Casey at or 914-257-9230.

*We currently do not ship at this time due to the additional cost it adds to our customers. We continue to explore this option but need to find the right price so we remain true to our promise of quality products at discount pricing.

Greater Capital Area

Lisa Rosamino


NYC area - 5 Boroughs and Long Island

Derek Howell

phone:  646-996-2557

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Westchester - Main Location

Dutchess County 


      Suzanne Taurone 

   Phone: 845-629-4789

    Orange County

                  Heidi Bonorato

           Phone: 845-244-0044

New Jersey

New Jersey and Rockland County 

Scott Tucker

Phone: 973-830-7579


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