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Are you feeding duck?

Are you feeding duck to your dog? If you aren’t, you should! Duck is a wonderful choice for your dog for many reasons and I want to highlight just a few.

Duck is high in protein and higher in fat, but the good fat. Duck is higher in saturated fat which makes it great for working dogs and any dog that needs to gain weight. You don’t need to over feed duck just include it a bit more into their rotation to help them increase their weight slowly.

In the world of holistic medicine, you sometimes hear about hot and cool foods. Hot foods are those that are believed to cause inflammation in the body and that lead to allergy issues. Cool foods are just the opposite, they are believed to cool the body of the inflammation. Duck is a cool meat so any dogs that have allergy issues, arthritis, cancer and any other type of inflammation in their body, duck is great for them! If you have dog’s that do not have these issues, we just always encourage a balance of hot and cool proteins to maintain balance, or the yin and the yang.

The last thing we want to discuss in relation to duck is how plentiful it is in B vitamins. Duck contains most of the B vitamins that dogs require. Duck also contains more niacin (vitamin B3) than chicken or turkey. The reason for this is they require more of it in their daily diet, so the dogs will get the benefits of this when you include it in their diet. Niacin is essential in converting carbs, protein and fat into energy.

All of these reasons are great ones to start adding duck into your dog’s diet. We offer a wonderful duck product for your dog that includes an 80/10/10 blend of muscle/bone/organ and some fruits and veggies blended in. Contact us today to give it a try! Your dog will enjoy the yummy taste along with the benefits to this wonderful cooling meat.



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