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Raw Feeding Myths - Raw meat isn't a balanced diet

Raw Feeding Myth’s Series – Raw Meat isn’t balanced

Dog's Naturally Magazine just release a wonderful article talking about raw feeding myths. Check out the article here

We want to break this article down and talk more about each of these myths starting with the first one about raw meat not being a balanced diet.

Myth #1: A Raw Meat Diet Isn’t A Balanced Diet
One of the main myths that big pet food spreads when it comes to discouraging dog owners from feeding a raw diet is that it isn’t balanced, and doesn’t provide for all of your dog’s nutritional requirements.
-Dogs Naturally

Raw meat itself is not necessarily a balanced diet but raw feeders do not just feed meat to their dogs. Our blend’s and most commercial blends are not just muscle meat but contain organ meat, bone and ours has a fruit/veggie blend. Along with our food we also add a variety of supplements. Prey model feeders also provide a variety in their dogs bowl.

We don’t want people to be confused when they hear about raw feeding and think it is just some meat in a dish. It’s much more than that. In our friend Amy Marshall’s eBook about raw feeding she talks a lot about the wolves diet in the beginning. This is important to understand, as it is the basis for understanding the raw diet for our companion animals today.

In her book she writes;
“Wolves seem to prefer large hoofed mammals (called ungulates). This can include deer, elk, moose, caribou, bison, and mountain goats.”
“Wolves are opportunistic. Beavers, rabbits, birds and other smaller animals are less frequent, but remain a dinner option.”
“Wolves make good use of pretty animal’s carcass, consuming what’s edible and leaving only what they can’t handle.”
-Amy Marshall

As you can see from what Amy writes here wolves would go ahead and eat a lot of the animal’s they would hunt, including soft bones and organs. Now, you aren’t going to go out there and let your dog hunt in the wild and dogs have evolved to become our furry friends we know and love today but their biology remains the same. Diets of fresh meat are the best for them in regards to thriving and getting what they need.

I want to pause for a second here and go back to what I just said. Dogs have evolved and breeding patterns have created some issues in our dog’s that weren’t there in the wolves and this is where the supplementation piece comes in. Many of our dogs do NEED things that the wild wolf doesn’t. Our 2 dogs have different health issues that make each of their bowls different at mealtime. The basics are there though and that’s the key.

We ask you to really understand a little more here about raw feeding and it’s not just raw meat so don’t let yourselves get fooled by what others say or your vet says. Do your research, talk to current raw feeders or people in the raw feeding community like us. We are here to help you get your dogs on the right track.



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