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Has Domesticating Dogs Really Changed Their Diet Requirements?

Hey all! We want to talk a little bit about something we hear a lot and that is; dog’s are not wolves, they don’t need to eat the way wolves do. This is something that a lot of big kibble company’s say and a lot of vet’s. Here is the reality, they are not wolves, they have evolved and because of years of breeding they are different.

Let’s look at humans for a minute. What works for me and makes me feel good may not work for my mother, my brother or my father. There are a variety of diets out there for humans, the key word being variety

Think about this, we give our dog’s kibble, the same thing every day for their entire lives. Sure we could switch them from a chicken to a lamb to a fish based, grain free etc. but kibble really is the same thing just with a different package.

Let’s look at raw diets now, ours in particular. We offer 4 different proteins; chicken, turkey, duck and beef and encourage people to feed their pets a variety. All dogs are different and they could require different things to help fuel their bodies to the best of their ability. Our dogs for example are the same breed, weigh the same, and look the same but are totally different. Our male can eat any protein with no issues but he does require some supplements for his skin due to flaking. Our female cannot tolerate chicken in any form. She also needs some supplements for her joints due to her arthritis. Here is the awesome thing about raw feeding, you can give your dogs a very healthy, species appropriate diet and supplement with a variety of things. When it comes to supplementation the options are endless.

When people say that dogs are domesticated and they don’t need to “eat like wolves” the answer is sure, they are domesticated and breeding has caused changes but they are still carnivores and their bodies are designed to eat diets that are primarily meat. If you provide your dogs with a raw diet at the base you are getting them on the right track to good health and most importantly a life where they will thrive.



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