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Diet and the Brain - Part 1

Hi Everyone!

We mentioned that a dog’s diet does in fact affect their behavior, this is true! Think about this on a small scale for yourself for a second. If you have a day where you are just eating junk, you are busy, you are snacking, you don’t have time to eat a good balanced meal by the end of the day you are a bit more tired and just run down than normal right? We might think, oh we were just super busy today, but the reality is your diet was probably not the best and your intake of coffee may have trumped that of water…. Guilty as charged!

Now think about your dog’s and a daily diet of kibble or unbalanced food. Imagine how foggy and tired they must feel. This part before the development of inflammation and disease in the body that contributes to a pain factor.

If your dog is eating a diet high in carbs, they will ride the really rocky blood sugar wave. We know this about carbs as it pertains to people so why do people think dogs are any different? Why are they still getting fed high carb diets? Same with diets higher in sugar, right? You get that initial boost of energy from increased amounts of sugar and then you start to crash.

Now, we as human’s generally say to ourselves; “Darn, I ate really poorly today so let me get up and start my day with a really healthy breakfast tomorrow and get back on track.” Dogs are at our mercy; they eat what we give them so let’s all do for them what we do for ourselves and our children and help them get back on track too :)

Photo of two happy Pack Leader Customers out in nature with their happy human :)



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