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Conversations with a pet store employee about dog allergies

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I was in the pet store the other day observing and I overheard a person asking about good food for their pet’s allergy, something that happens often I assume. The response was “you want grain-free, it will fix your dog’s allergy problems.” How often is this discussed at your local pet shop with individuals that are giving advice based on what exactly? I’m not trying to knock anyone who works there I’m just trying to figure out where the advice is coming from.

We believe the pretty bags, the kind faces of our trusted pet store employees, the beautiful commercials promising health and wellness for your pets but are we really helping our pets?

I didn’t want to make this person look bad and let them continue on with their sale but after the customer left I did ask the questions; “why does this food cure your dog’s allergies?” “What about the fact that peas and potatoes are the 3rd and 4th ingredient in this food and something labeled tapioca starch?” I personally am so grossed out by tapioca pudding that anything with that name would deter me ;-) The person told me that “taking out the grains eliminates all the things the dog’s are allergic to and that peas and potatoes are wonderful for your dogs.” I than had to hit them with some knowledge about what really happens with starches in the body and how they metabolize into sugars that yeast just love! Read more about that here;

The second thing I discussed with them was about peas and how a large amount of peas are not good for your dog due to how full of antinutrients they are. More about that here; The poor employee looked at me and said that they would need to “talk to their manager about this.”

Some of you may think this is harsh and I want to be clear I was very nice and thanked them before I left the store but I just want to point out that we are too trusting when it comes to feeding our pets and as pet parents we need to continue to read and do our own research and ask these kinds of questions. I’m a mom and a dog mom and my kids and my pets rely on me to keep them safe and healthy :-)



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