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Allergy Season is Coming!

I’m sure many of you are starting to cough, have scratchy throats, runny eyes, headaches and the countless other allergy symptoms now as spring (finally) comes. Well, imagine you had these annoying symptoms all the time. Many of your dogs do have this issue. They are suffering from allergies due to the environment yes, but also their diet. Despite the environmental issues we cannot change by providing them with a good base (their diet) you are setting them up to fight off what is in the environment.

Allergies are a pain, let’s be honest here. Dealing with them, figuring out what is causing them, the testing that you may need to get done, the medications our dogs and we constantly try to keep them at bay. It’s one of the most frustrating chronic health issues to deal with. So what can we do to help our dogs deal with them? We can provide them with the right defense. What I mean by this is making sure they have a very strong immune system.

Everyone knows the importance of a strong immune system, you need it to fight off diseases. In addition to helping your body fight disease it also acts as a soldier for your healthy cells. The immune system stands guard over your healthy cells and ensures they stay healthy. Our dogs are getting sicker as time goes on. We hear of more and more cases of diabetes, cancer, arthritis, dog flu, tick diseases etc. every year. Some of this is credited to the environment just like us and some of this (a lot of it) is their diet.

The primary finding in almost every chronic condition is prolonged low-grade inflammation. Feeding your pet a diet that doesn’t tax their system is the starting point to helping reduce their risk of developing these illnesses. Most kibble is 40% carbs and sugars, which are absorbed very quickly in the dog’s digestive tract. With dogs having such a short digestive system and a diet full of carbs the microbes within their guts don’t absorb the nutrients they need and start to feed off of the healthy cells. This can cause some serious damage to their guts over time and lead to prolonged low-grade inflammation.

Feeding your dog a diet full of fresh raw food the way they are designed to eat will help fill their bodies with all the healthy bacteria they need. The bacteria in the dog’s gut dies off naturally as time goes on so being able to replenish it will help keep their gut healthy and their immune system strong!

The bottom line here is that in order to keep your dog’s relatively allergy free they need to have a healthy immune system. When dogs are having chronic allergies it can be due to the fact that they have what’s called a leaky gut, you can read about that here;

A lot of this can be fixed by feeding a diet free of harmful substances that are in kibble.

This is a complex topic that includes many difference pieces. We will continue to talk about all of these things as time goes on and if there is something in particular that you want to learn more about please let us know.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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