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The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog...

feed RAW!

Hello and Welcome

to Pack Leader Pet Food! 

Hi All! 

Happy New Year! 

We are so excited for all the things to come to 

Pack Leader this year! Be on the lookout for 

new products, new places to get Pack Leader 

and an opportunity to get your pups food

delivered to your front door. 

Happy Trails,

Adam and Casey Garber 

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Step aside kibble, raw feeding is top dog! Here are a few benefit highlights of what we will discuss in further details

  • Oral Health in dogs

  • Strengthened Immune Systems

  • Allergy Relief

  • Shiny Coats

  • Improved Energy

  • Healthy Guts

To ensure our pets are receiving top benefits at all times, all of our products are human grade, no hormones or antibiotics ever. Our products also do not and will never contain 3D or 4D meats. Check out more below!

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